Juve gases with dazzling goals

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sure bet Italian champion Juventus `crushes` the penultimate in the `A` JAVA 2013 series in a medal round of the championship. The Grand Prix, which was the most beautiful one, was scored by Federico Bernardeski, Paulo Diballa, Gonzalo Igguin and Juan Quadrado. In the door of the `bianconers`, Alberto Paloski was scored. The first half offered nice football. In the beginning, Juve had a total domination over the `biancoazzur` who played with his red reserve team. In the 14th minute, Federico Bernardeski `exploded` the stands. Fiorentina`s former wing welcomed the ball with a fabulous volley and with her left foot sent her to the far corner - an outstanding goal! This led champion Pavel Nedved to jump to his feet and applaud the audience with applause.

In the 22nd minute, Paolo Diballa came to order to `move` the typhus of the Zebras. The Argentine showed precision in a foul and a fantastic shot with his left leg hit Alfred Gomis`s net - 2: 0. The Old Lady`s attacks continued to be dangerous, but the SPAL players started looking ahead. In the 34th minute Alberto Palosky struck the target closely. Milan`s adolescent remained uncovered and shot a shot of Federico Matilo. Initially there was doubt about the ambush of the striker, but the repetitions confirmed the regularity of the goal.

In the 53rd minute the guests sensationally scored the ball for the second time in the big favorite`s door. Marion Ikonomou scored after a corner, but the referee Fabrizio Pascua canceled the attack due to Paloski`s ambush. The referee`s decision was disputed and a video repeat was used, but this was not in favor of JPAI. Thus, Juve kept his fragile advance, and the boys of Leonardo Semplici were unable to catch up. The things came in their logical place in the 65th minute when Gonzalo Igguin was found in the right place after a corner kick. El Pipita struck the far corner with a diagonal left-handed jerk, slightly resembling Fabio Grosso`s famous goal at the legendary Dortmund semi-final in 2006. Five minutes after Juve`s top scorer, Juan Quadrado made 4: 1. The midfielder finished with a squad to the left of Douglas Kosta and delighted Allianz Stadiam with a new beautiful shot. This has come more to the SPAL players - the game, set and match adviced by arbitrage betting middles for the champions.

In the last minute, the Iguaine was drawn to a goal position and the terminator immediately scored, but the video score was 4: 1 due to ambush. That would be goal number 100 for Gonzalo in Series A. Immediately thereafter, DiBalla broke into one more hit.
4: 1 Quadrado (70)



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