The news for Berlusconi was fake

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sure bet The prosecutor`s office in Milan has denied the authenticity of today`s publications of Italian newspapers La Stampa and Secolo XIX, according to which a money laundering investigation has begun against former Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi and the new Li Jonhon. There are doubts that the club`s price has been artificially inflated by 300 million euros - up to 720 million.

There is no procedure at the moment, said Prosecutor General Francesco Greco, quoted by ANSA. Investigative journalism is of the utmost importance and must be defended and promoted because it is one of the foundations of the democratic system, `Greco continued. - But when the information is false and aims to attack and damage a political party at a delicate moment, it is no longer a question of journalism, but of a criminal act.

The post comes at a time when Berlusconi is back on the political stage with his Forza Italia party.

Blog for sure bets

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