Nobody told me that Coutinho will leave in January

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sure bet Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop refused to talk about Philippe Coettinho`s future before the Everton derby. In recent weeks, the Brazilian may have been transferred to Barcelona, but the German laconically said he had no reason to think that Cow would leave in January.

Clop also discussed all current topics in front of Merseyside`s 229th Derby.

Whether Coutinho will leave in January:

`I have no reason to think of such a thing . . We never talk about transfers. Whatever I say, you will not stop with your questions, so I just do not thinkI do not know what to say at this moment No one has told me that he will walk My situation is OK We have been discussing this great story all summer, I do not want to do it again. `

For Everton`s expectations:

` The week is very special for us, visiting Brighton, anything or nothing in the Spartak match, and the derby, I`ve been facing three different teams led by Sam Allardyce, and he has been a very successful club, and he`s been very successful. `` I`m looking forward to a good organization from Everton, static positions at the highest level, a lot of a second ball fight The challenge for us is to have no expectation to play such a football as we have shown the last 20 minutes against Spartak when we were flying We must be perfectly organized and ready for hard clashes. Only then can we win this game. I have no doubt about Everton`s quality. They just had a bad series and needed change. Their confidence has come back, and Wayne Rooney has probably already scored a goal for the season. `` For the `Quadruple` and can Salah, Mane, Kouttinho and Firmino play together in the derby:

`You have to wait and see the lineup. I do not mind nicknames such as `The Amazing Four` (the English media have begun calling Philippe Kouttinho, Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane), but it is disrespectful to other boys. Against West Ham, we played a fantastic match for which Oxley-Chamberlain also contributed greatly. We have not yet used Adam Lalana. They are all very good offensive players. `

For improved defense performance:

` In defensive terms, we had to change some things after Tottenham lost. Our job is to make sure you do not discuss our defense every time. The focus is to defend ourselves as a team. `

For Manchester City, of which Liverpool currently lags at 14 points:

` At this point, the City`s outbreak obviously practiced the best football in the league. I think we are not that far from them, and maybe we are second in this indicator. Still, Manchester United has more points than us, their season is more successful, and they also won their Champions League league from arbitrage betting advices earlier. `

Blog for sure bets

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