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  1. Nobody told me that Coutinho will leave in January - read more

  2. Lavine will not play this year - read more

  3. Juventus loses Chowder to January - read more

  4. Arsenal is losing Manchester United to the derby - read more

  5. A new pause for Messi - read more

  6. Lamela may return 13 months after her last match for Tottenham - read more

  7. Leipzig was not far from the shoot - read more

  8. Bad news for Valencia before the collision with Barca - read more

  9. Amiens won the Lille replay - read more

  10. Honor: Wenger is one of the greatest managers at the same level as Sir Alex - read more

  11. Grossman: We have to win the derby anyway - read more

  12. Second triple-double over the Harden season, Houston with 9th victory - read more

  13. Mbappe was in a bar transfer from Barca before signing a PSG - read more

  14. Bayern`s T-shirt fired for the derby - read more

  15. Embery for Babe: When you play poorly, you have to be prepared to take the criticism - read more

  16. Clap: We all have problems. . . except Manchester City - read more

  17. Nabil Fequir put Lyon in the top 3 - read more

  18. Bride is waiting for Barca in the hotel - read more

  19. LeBron with yet another achievement for history - read more

  20. Juve gases with dazzling goals - read more

  21. Sam Alardois will not take Leicester - read more

  22. Gamayro is as forgotten - read more

  23. Borussia (D) returned Sancho ahead of schedule - read more

  24. Tolo Sklachi: Many Serie A foreigners hinder the national team - read more

  25. Kroos: `Leaving Bayern Munich was the right decision!` - read more

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